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AltCoinAnn Team Donation

Dear friends, Finding new coins is not as easy as it seems.

We spend a lot of time finding new coin.

If you really want to support your purpose, you can make a donation.

This will enable us to develop our projects.

Thank you all

Wallet Information

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    Bitcoin Wallet

    Wallet : 1FfzTJDs2ZNisjUmym22Jxm84NM785aF73

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    Ethereum Wallet

    Wallet : 0x20df0c395164857887acb9100d4cbcd7675b59e4

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    Tether(USD) Wallet

    Wallet : 1Etkfs5Z1fAwGa8AaZ65QqjDJdshbgDLRn

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    DogeCoin Wallet

    Wallet : DKD8xBdgzpoBjdQXChC1VzpD8xxjSwTive

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    LiteCoin Wallet

    Wallet : LL16rMVFseR3fHxruJnMmJqUk9nqcPAKbf